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Bupa Dental LogoWe are excited to announce that we will now be known as Bupa Dental Toowong.

Our practice’s long standing commitment to providing high quality dental care aligns perfectly with Bupa’s philosophy of being a health and care partner for customers.

We have refurbished our practice to help improve our patient experience, with modern dental rooms and technology in a more comfortable environment.

If you have any questions about the changes or wish to book your next appointment, please visit our new website or contact our friendly team on (07) 3870 3220.

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Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening

$699Valued at $1266 (Bupa Members) & $1298 (non-members), plus a complimentary take home kit

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Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening | Whitening FAQs

Not sure if teeth whitening is right for you? Zoom!™ teeth whitening is quick, convenient, safe, effective and affordable. This also includes your take-home maintenance kit to keep your smile sparkling!

Contact us on (07) 3870 3220 to arrange a 10 minute free consultation with one of our dentists!

In-Chair Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening in Toowong

$699 Zoom!™ Offer

(Normally valued at $1266 for Bupa Members and $1298 for non-members)
  • Zoom in-surgery teeth whitening in less than 1½ hours!
  • Free 10 minute smile assessment
  • Plus - An extra bonus - Free take home whitening kit

Call us today to see if you are a suitable candidate for Zoom!™ and mention this ad to receive it at this special price!

Terms & Conditions: Offer expires 1st May 2017. Teeth whitening is not suitable for all candidates. Patient may require a hygiene visit before the whitening process.

Jephson Street Dental is a Bupa Members First Practice and a members choice provider for HCF. Our Zoom! Promotion is NOT GAP FREE. You may be charged a gap if your Health Fund Benefit is less than the $699. For Bupa Members the total amount claimed on hicaps is $1266 (for non-members $1298) In the event that the Health Fund Rebate is greater than the special price you will be charged an amount equal to the rebate received.


Zoom Teeth Whitening Before and After

*The before and after treatment images below were provided by Philips Zoom!.

Zoom teeth whitening before and after 1

Zoom teeth whitening before and after 2

Take Home Teeth Whitening

Whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home with our Take Home Whitening Kits. Moulds are taken of  your teeth, which are then used to create customised trays. A bleaching agent is applied in the trays and the trays are then worn as per dentist’s recommendation. Take Home Whitening is effective and will gradually lighten your teeth.

Enabling you to enhance your smile and give it an instant lift is why teeth whitening procedures have become the most popular dental treatment of the past decade. This simple procedure can produce amazing results while you relax in the comfort of your own home.

Many people are discovering just what a difference a simple, fast zoom teeth whitening treatment can make to their quality of life, socially and professionally.

To book an enquiry, please contact our team at Jephson Street Dental by giving us a call on (07) 3870 3220 or by clicking here.

Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom teeth whitening provides one of the fastest, safest methods to brighten your smile without the need for complicated or time-consuming dental procedures. In particular, the Zoom In-office method is gaining traction as an effective treatment for millions of people around the world. This safe and reliable system is known for its speed and effective results.

  • Speedy

    The chairside whitening system takes just about 90 minutes to lighten your teeth and refresh your look. The ability to deliver a whiter smile on short notice is what makes Zoom so popular with brides and celebrities who need to look good for their respective big events.

  • Effective

    The Zoom technique uses a powerful UV light to activate a specially formulated and fast-acting whitening gel. In just one session of Zoom whitening, it is possible to achieve dramatic whitening results of up to 8 shades lighter.

  • Safe

    Teeth whitening is considered one of the safest and most straightforward techniques used by a cosmetic dentist to deliver a brighter smile. Clinical studies have also shown that teeth whitening, under the supervision of a dentist, is the safest way to go. Not only do Zoom dentists use protective goggles and materials to isolate your eyes, lips and cheeks from the active whitening ingredients, they perform the treatment in a clinical environment using sterile instruments. All these are important factors that ensure patient safety remains top of mind throughout the whitening process.

Post Treatment Care

Studies indicate the average lifespan of whitened teeth is enhanced if you follow after-care routines as follows.

  • Regular At-home and Dentist Cleaning Program

    Although the whitening procedure has successfully whitened your teeth, you should not neglect your regular brushing and flossing regime lest new particles are allowed to accumulate and cause discolouration. You may use teeth whitening products to maintain the whiteness, however, results vary from brand to brand. To be sure, and since you have already experienced the whitening effects of Zoom, you may wish to invest in the take-home version of the Zoom system to ensure continuity in the specially formulated whitening care products that you use. Make it a point to brush your teeth after consuming stain causing foods and beverages. If you are not sure what types or brands of whitening products to use, it’s better to err on the side of caution and consult your dentist on such matters.

  • Types of food/drinks to avoid

    Here’s the golden rule on what you should avoid consuming if you wish to keep your pearlies looking dazzling after whitening treatment: Whatever stains your white clothing is a bad idea.

    Foods like mustard, berries, pasta, gravy, soy sauce and tomato sauce are stain-causing and should be kept to minimum. Obviously, regular coffee, tea or red wine drinkers should try to consume less of these beverages. If you can’t stop quickly enough, you may wish to drink through a straw as it would reduce contact between your teeth and the stain-causing fluids. Also, try to avoid acidic beverages and juices that have low pH

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