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Root Canal Treatment Brisbane

Why replace your tooth with an artificial prosthetic when you can save it?

For professional consultation and treatment of root canal, call Jephson Street Dental at (07) 3870 3220.

When your tooth has suffered severe damage due to disease or injury, the dentist may recommend root canal therapy as a means to save your tooth. Although the treatment may require several appointments – in order to thoroughly clean the root canal and remove the infected pulp – it remains the preferred option.

As a general rule, dentists recommend tooth extraction as a last resort. Treatments like root canals that are designed to preserve your natural tooth, are given the first priority. Reason being, there can be no real substitutes for a healthy tooth. It simply promises better functional qualities and natural aesthetics.

A root canal not only helps to stem the infection that is causing pain and trauma to the patient, it also minimises the extent of damage to the decayed tooth. A successful root canal will restore your tooth back to its original condition without any need for prosthetics. As long as you take good care of the tooth, it can even last a lifetime.

If your tooth has been ravaged by a disease or injury, it does not mean it can’t be saved! If you’re looking for a second opinion on preserving your natural tooth, ask about our root canal services at (07) 3870 3220.

Root Canal treatment explained

A root canal treatment refers to the procedure of removing the infected root and pulp of a tooth when the nerve has become infected or the pulp has been damaged.

The tooth is divided in two portions: Crown and root. The part that extends below the gum line, where the nerves are located, is the known as the root. The dental pulp is located in the centre of the tooth and consists of connective tissue and cells known as odontoblasts. The pulp is also responsible for supplying the nourishment to the tooth.

The procedure

Our Brisbane dentists will take an x-ray of your tooth to confirm whether the root canal treatment is necessary. The x-ray will also help the dentist determine whether the procedure may be performed in one or more appointments.

Your tooth would first be numbed with a local anaesthetic for optimum comfort during the procedure. A rubber dam would be placed around your tooth to keep it clean and isolated. The dentist would then locate the pulp and remove it from the chamber and canals. Disinfecting solutions are then used to clean the canals.

When the canals have been adequately cleaned, they will be sealed with the root canal filling. A temporary filling might be used if the procedure requires more than one visit.

What are the symptoms?

Only your dentist will be able to perform a professional diagnosis and determine whether or not you require a root canal treatment. There are certain signs and symptoms that only your dentist will be able to evaluate and give a proper assessment.

However, there are some common red flags that you should be aware of. In the event that you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please contact us immediately for a professional evaluation.

Pain: Moderate to extreme

Although you may have a deep decay and not experience any pain at all, the onset of pain or extreme discomfort in your tooth suggest a dentist’s opinion needs to be immediately sought.

Root canal pain manifests in varying degrees and types. Some throb like a heartbeat. Others intensify or decrease with a change in posture. Some attack in waves of uneven time periods, fluctuating between minutes and sometimes even hours. Sometimes the pain can be easily located while other times, it affects an entire region like the face.

Tooth sensitivity is also rather common. Either hot or cold food and beverages may trigger an infected tooth.

Gum Swelling

Swelling can range from very mild tenderness to a noticeable lump. In serious cases, the swelling may extend into your face or neck. Bacterial infections can give rise to the formation of an abscess on the gums. The accumulation of the pimple-like pus that resembles a boil on the gums also causes pain.

Darkened or discoloured teeth

When the shade of your tooth starts to discolour or darken, it may signal pathological changes occurring below the surface. The colour change, usually linked to past trauma to the tooth, may shift the original shade to a dark yellow, grey or black tint.

If you experience any symptoms that may indicate an infected tooth, contact Jephson Street Dental at (07) 3870 3220 for an evaluation today!