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CAD/CAM restorations

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E4D CAD/CAM restorations: Dental Crowns, Inlays and Onlays

When you have a tooth that has been damaged by decay, disease or injury, you can restore its function and beauty by applying a dental crown, inlay or onlay. In the last decade or so, rapid advancements in dental technology and material science have raised the bar of these types of treatments, whether in terms of aesthetic quality, speed or efficacy. The E4D CAD/CAM solution is a great example.

What is E4D?

The E4D CAD/CAM system is regarded as an innovation that takes dentistry to the next level. Combining cutting edge dentistry, dental imaging and CAD/CAM technology, E4D offers patients uncompromising standards in modern restorative treatments. E4D restorations are digitally designed and fabricated through a computer aided milling process, offering higher precision and stronger, tooth-like materials.

E4D’s effective and streamlined digital process saves you time and money by allowing same-day restorations – completed within a single dental appointment.

Dental crown

A dental crown is essentially a tooth shaped cap that is placed over an existing tooth to restore its function and appearance. A dental crown is usually recommended when your tooth has been substantially damaged such that a regular filling is unable to provide the structural stability the tooth requires to properly function.

Besides reinforcing the strength of your tooth, a dental crown is able to repair its function while making your repaired tooth look healthy and shiny. A permanent crown may be used to repair decayed teeth, replace defective fillings or restore broken or fractured teeth.

What are inlays and onlays?

Inlays and onlays are typically bigger than a dental filling, while smaller as compared to a dental crown. The difference between an inlay and onlay is that the former is specifically set within the cusps of the chewing surface of the tooth, while the latter covers a larger surface, as it can replace one or more cusps.

The inlay is typically used to repair damage in the cusp surface structure of back teeth or as replacement for old/damaged amalgam fillings. The inlay provides a more effective seal when bonded into position, as compared to an amalgam filling.

An onlay is utilised when the tooth damage is too extensive for an inlay to be effective. The damage may be caused by decay or loss of a large filling. An onlay can absorb more chewing force than a regular filling.

E4D treatment procedures

With Dr Jena Ward BoralH(DentSci) GradDipDent (Hons 1st Class) BSc

same day cad cam restoration

The E4D CAD/CAM Solution is known to provide what is popularly called “same day dentistry”. As the name suggests, it is possible to prepare, fabricate and place an E4D dental crown, inlay or onlay during the same dental appointment.

Using laser-scanning technology, the E4D Dentist System is able to capture the optical impression of tooth preparations and transmit the data into 3D CAD (computer-aided design) software to design the restoration. Next, it utilizes CAM (computer-aided milling) technology to mill the restoration from monolithic blocks of porcelain or composite.

A traditional restorative treatment involving a crown, inlay or onlay typically requires at least two appointments and a long waiting period in between. The first appointment is for tooth preparation and the other to fit the restoration.

The treatment begins with an examination, during which a digital impression of your tooth is taken with an optical scanner and entered into a 3D CAD system. The digital impression is then used to create a virtual model of your crown, inlay or onlay. At this juncture, it is also possible to determine the exact shape, colour as well as biting/chewing surface of your restoration.

The design is then transmitted wirelessly to a CAM unit in the dentist’s office. Within approximately 20 minutes, the CAD/CAM restoration may be completely milled and fabricated. Patients can choose from different types of materials including porcelain and composite.

In clinically suitable cases, the E4D process allows the preparation of the restoration to be digitally recorded with a CAD/CAM camera. The digital blueprint may then be used to design and mill the prosthesis, while you are still reclined in the dental chair. That means the entre process, from preparation to fit to test and polish, all take place in a single appointment, saving you time and money.

With E4D CAD/CAM dentistry, you no longer need to visit the dentist on multiple appointments for the same treatment. When appropriate, your crown, inlay or onlay restorations can be designed, created and cemented on the same day. Same day dentistry also eliminates the need for temporaries, because there is no long waiting period between the tooth preparation and the fitting session. That also means any concerns regarding tooth sensitivity during the interim period – that requires the wearing of the temporary restoration – are no longer valid.

How much do E4D restorations cost?

The following prices are indicative only. A comprehensive treatment plan will be provided to you after your initial consultation.

One surface $850
Two surface $960
Three surface $1180
Four surface $1240
Five surface $1350
Full crown $1650


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