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Bupa Dental LogoWe are excited to announce that we will now be known as Bupa Dental Toowong.

Our practice’s long standing commitment to providing high quality dental care aligns perfectly with Bupa’s philosophy of being a health and care partner for customers.

We have refurbished our practice to help improve our patient experience, with modern dental rooms and technology in a more comfortable environment.

If you have any questions about the changes or wish to book your next appointment, please visit our new website or contact our friendly team on (07) 3870 3220.

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Diet & Decay

Cause and Affect

A healthy diet is just as important for your teeth and gums as it is for your body. Foods high in sugar and starch, such as cakes, lollies, white and milk chocolate, biscuits, dried fruit soft drinks, some white breads and cereals,  are very sticky and cling to the enamel of your teeth.These react with certain bacteria present in your mouth to produce acids, which dissolve the minerals inside the tooth enamel faster than your body can replenish it, thus causing decay.

A nutritious diet incorporating the basic food groups, high in fresh vegetables and low in sugar and starch, and eliminating or significantly reducing snacking between meals will decrease your chances of developing decay. If you need to snack, vegetable sticks or nuts can be a healthier alternative.

Saliva is the body’s natural neutraliser for combating the acid produced within plaque and has natural antibacterial properties. Constant snacking on sweet foods, soft drinks and sweetened tea, coffee or hot chocolate throughout the day, produces a constant acidic presence that your saliva cannot neutralise completely. It is therefore highly recommended that eating sweet foods and snacks is done at normal meal times to maximise the buffering effect of saliva . Chewing sugarless gum or snacking on sugarless lollies will increase saliva flow and increase  this neutralising effect as well.

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